Ceremonies to deepen your spiritual practice with yin yoga, sound healing, and cacao.

Yin Yoga, Soundhealing Cacao Ceremonies: journeys of self-discovery and inner peace for those that want to dive deeper.

I often collaborate with yoga teachers, together we create a safe space of deep relaxation and connection.

After drinking ceremonial cacao You'll be guided through gentle and restorative yin yoga poses while being bathed in the soothing vibrations of sound healing.

Yin Yoga and Sound Healing

If you like your treatment to be less static and want to move a bit, I can guide you through Yin Yoga poses on the Thai massage mat. While you stay in a pose for a few minutes, with every breath sinking deeper and deeper into the pose, I’ll play the instruments upon your body, bringing the focus upon the chakra we’re working on that moment.


Hier nog een pakkende zin die aakondigd waarom je echt een workshop moet doen