Sound Healing in Amsterdam and Ede

Are you looking to slow down your hectic life and give yourself the gift of pure presence?

Sound healing is a profound treatment where you’ll be guided into a state of deep rest through transcendent soundscapes and subtle vibrations.

During a session, sound becomes the medicine that helps to restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Come and experience it for yourself!

The resulting variety of vibrations and sounds will touch you on a spiritual and physical level. It will enchant you, one might experience a journey within oneself.

Sound Healing

During a sound healing session, I weave together the sounds from traditional singing bowls (sometimes placed directly on your body) and other shamanic instruments.

Each singing bowl emits a specific vibrational frequency that corresponds to the different energy centres of the body. Natural resonance is restored on a cellular level, energetic blockages are removed, and the flow of "chi" (vital life force energy) is liberated.

How does sound healing work?

Nikola Tesla once said, "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." It is said that sound healing works by allowing our cells and energy system to resonate with specific healing frequencies.

Sound healing also works through the principle of entrainment: the brain's tendency to sync with stable, rhythmic patterns. Sound healing encourages the brain to shift from a stressed, beta-dominant state to a restful alpha state by emitting soothing frequencies.

Additionally, sound healing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing breath and heart rates and inducing the body’s self-healing system.

What are the benefits of sound healing

While sound healing is an ancient healing modality, recent research has shown that the vibrations of sound have a profound impact on our body and mind, influencing our nervous system, brainwaves, and cellular function.

Sound healing can lower stress and anxiety levels, enhance immune function, and promote deep relaxation and restorative sleep.

All together, your body and mind is able to fully relax, soothing frazzled nervous systems and stressed-out souls.

What to expect of a sound healing treatment?

During a sound healing treatment all you need to do is unwind and relax, you can simply lay on the massage table or mat and enjoy the nourishing warmth of a Far Infrared mat under You and be tucked in under a Yakwollen blanket I’ve brought back from Nepal. (Or if it’s a warm day, I’ll tuck you in under a silken sheet) Additionally, If you are with a friend, you can lay together on a massive beanbag.

I’ll play a variety of mystical instruments upon and near your body. During the treatment I will also burn a variety of incense or mist different essential oils.
Additionally I’ll give you some Reiki during the treatment and will provide a shoulder and head massage. Altogether it is a little ceremony.

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Each session is 
tailor-made to your individual needs.

Yin Yoga and Sound Healing

If you like your treatment to be less static and want to move a bit, I can guide you through Yin Yoga poses on the Thai massage mat. While you stay in a pose for a few minutes, with every breath sinking deeper and deeper into the pose, I’ll play the instruments upon your body, bringing the focus upon the chakra we’re working on that moment.


Bring your body in vibrational balance with a Sound Healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1Can I experience Sound Healing with a massage?
You can book sound healing as a standalone treatment, or you can add it to your massage session. An hour of sound healing is always included when you book a Signature Session.
2How long do I need for sound healing?
To fully drop into the experience and receive the maximum benefits, you’ll need at least an hour treatment time.

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If you really want something special, choose a signature session

With a signature session i combine the Lomi lomi with Deep tissue and Thai streching. (and optionally also a sound healing).