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You’re just a few steps away from booking a deeply nourishing massage that liberates tension and leaves you feeling renewed on every level.

Every treatment weaves together a variety of massage styles, so there’s no need to worry about making the perfect choice.

Simply select your preferred setup—table, mat, or chair—and I’ll create your perfect massage experience.

Sessions take place in my studio sanctuary next to the forest

The journey to a new You!

As a dedicated massage therapist, I embrace the unique needs of every client. Whether you're dealing with pain, striving to improve your posture, seeking a peaceful escape, or gearing up for a sports event, I craft personalized treatment plans. Our journey begins with a detailed intake to understand your goals, leading to a tailored approach.

Whether you're looking for a singular rejuvenating session, wish to indulge in occasional visits, or are seeking targeted, fast-acting solutions through a customized course, I’m ready to adapt.

Opt for package deals and enjoy discounts [LINK TO PACKAGE DEAL] as a reward for your commitment on your journey to wellness. Let me guide you towards better health, increased mobility, and deep relaxation.


Treatments on the table are with plenty of oil and take place either partially or fully undressed (modest areas will be covered).

You’ll enjoy relaxing on a heated massage table and benefit from the nourishing hydration from all-natural coconut or almond oils.

The table is best for more classic massage styles, such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and Sport Massage.


  • Duration: 30min - 3hrs
  • Using Oil
  • Pressure
  • Add-ons


Treatments on the mat are without oil and take place fully clothed (it’s best to wear something loose, stretchy and comfy).

You’ll enjoy relaxing on a heated and cushioned massage mat placed on the ground.

The mat is best for dynamic styles which involve stretching, such as Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu and Wuo Thai massage.

  • Duration: 30min - 3hrs
  • No Oil
  • Streching
  • Add-ons


Treatments in the massage chair are for when you need a speedy fix, focused on the neck, shoulders and back.

Treatments take place fully clothed and without oil.

You’ll enjoy a mixture of tension-releasing massage and stretching to increase range of motion focused on the upper back.

The massage chair is perfect for corporate settings, or on a party or festival.

  • Duration: 30min - 1hr
  • No Oil
  • Pressure
  • Add-ons

Fancy a round-trip to nirvana?
Try a Signature Session

The Signature Session is an extended treatment that combines the very best of my offerings: a bespoke blend of bodywork and massage techniques followed by sound healing.

A master reset for those in need of some extra self-care, the Signature will help you re-align your body, mind, and soul.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to target deep layers of muscles and fascia.

This treatment is typically used to treat chronic pain, muscle stiffness and muscle and sports-related injuries. Unlike a pure relaxation massage, I’ll work through “knots,” loosen the connective tissue, and realign the muscle fibers in problem areas. It can be quite intense, but the benefits for the body are profound.

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Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage—also known as “Lazy Man’s Yoga”—is a dance through dynamic-assisted stretching and pressure applied with own bodyweight. Thai yoga massage stretches muscles and increases flexibility by moving joints through their full range of motion.

This treatment is both grounding and energizing, and helps boost circulation and flexibility.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a classic relaxing treatment that uses long strokes, light to medium pressure and kneading motions.

Targeting the fascia and upper-most layers of the muscles, Swedish massage is most popular for general relaxation, but it can also give you more energy and helps with injury recovery.

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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses long strokes, kneading, and deep pressure to melt away stress and harmonize overall wellbeing.

Full-body strokes that target the whole body at once will leave you floating on a cloud with a deep sense of peace.

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Sport Massage

Sport massage is a form of massage that's used to help athletes improve their performance and recover from injuries. It can also be used to help non-athletes with chronic pain or other issues that affect their day-to-day lives.

Every session begins with an extended intake process to better understand your injuries, limitations and specific goals.

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Shiatsu Acupressure Massage

Shiatsu, or Acupressure, is a Japanese style of massage that uses finger pressure and hand movements to treat the body's energy channels. It's often used to treat stress, pain, and digestive problems.

Shiatsu massage involves applying pressure to specific points on your body along the merdians with thumbs or fingers to help stimulate blood flow in those areas.

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What people say about
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  • I had an amazing Sound Healing
    Edward Well
  • Michalis covered more than I expected & hoped from the session. The whole session feels like a ritual. Starts with a necessary, warm communication beforehand and a goes through smells, sounds, pressures, forms, directions, densities and complex stretches in a very greaceful, integrated way.
    Geert Jan van Vlastuin
  • First of all, what I loved is that he took all the time to really speak to me before the massage, get to know where I’m at, and what is it that I feel I need and want and he actually applied that in the session.
    Jess Sophie
Holistic Massage
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