Award-winning, top-rated

wholesome, holistic

massage and sound healing experiences

Take a break from the chaos and indulge in a personalized massage journey in my bell tent (a vortex of serenity) where it's all about you!

Your festival Sanctuary

I’m grateful to be in service to the Gardens of Babylon community since the very beginning in 2016.

I've touched and enchanted thousands of people, surfing on the waves of sound and touch on countless parties, festivals and retreats organized by the Gardens of Babylon

I am dedicated to utilizing my passion, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the best massage of your life, every, single time.

Drop in for a quick fix, receive a full body massage, or indulge in an extended session that transcends time and space. 

I weave together a blend of techniques with a holistic approach, Thai Yoga Massage, Wuo Tai, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Sports massage, and Sound Healing.

Every treatment is personalized to your unique needs and preferences.

I look forward to welcoming you in my bell tent, taking you on an inner journey, and seeing you leave floating on a cloud,  but with a sense of grounding and inner calm as well as an improved range of motion and fluidity.

Are You ready to feel so much better?

On the mat


A Prayer in Motion. The full body workout.

On the mat, I use a blend of Dynamic Thai Yoga massage, Shiatsu and Wùo Taï.

A fully dressed massage to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches, twists and body rocking.

You’ll be taken on a journey of grounding touch and meditative movement, a sacred dance to remove tension and blockages from the body.

Relaxation and renewal on every level. 

30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 minutes

*Wear something that you can move and stretch in .

On the table

Lomi Lomi ⋆ Deep Tissue ⋆ Sportsmassage

Muscle Melting Magic.

On the table, massages are undressed and with plenty of natural oil.

You’ll receive a massage with long gliding strokes, deep pressure (adjusted to your level), tapping, body rocking and kneading.

Tension slowly melts away, your nervous system is brought back into balance, and you can reconnect with the core of who you are. 


Upgrade your experience with additional extras!

CBD Oil, Cupping, Magnesium

Walk in, float out.

60 / 90 / 120 minutes

*Come showered and please bring your own towel.

Sound healing

Good vibes only.

An unforgettable experience where I'll play a variety of instruments—mystical Tibetan singing bowls, gong drums, and more, placed upon your body. 

The deep vibrations help to recalibrate your nervous system and will touch you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Let the calming sounds wash over you and transport you to a state of sweet surrender.

Includes reiki (optional) and a head and shoulder massage.

60 minutes

You want a combination of soundhealing and massage? 

Book the Space Odyssey.

Space Odyssey 🚀

Extended massage followed by soundhealing.

You want it all, you’ll get it all: The next level Space Odyssey! 

A extra long session (either on the mat or table) combined with sound healing and reiki.

A unique odyssey that will leave you enchanted, tranquil, and at peace.

150 / 180 minutes

I need this! Tell me more...



Sessions take place in (or in front of) my own bell tent in the spiritual village area.

*Rain or shine, I can adjust the environment accordingly, there is a heating pad in the massage mat and table, and I can turn a heater on at cold moments, or open the sides of the tent and turn on a fan in case it’s hot. At night, there will be candlelight and there is always, soothing music, I'm smudging with sage that I've picked myself on hikes in Crete and there will always be some chocolate and fruits in my tent. 

(Just look for a bell tent, prayer flags, and my sign.)
[LINK /Pin to the exact location will come here, once I'm on site]


You’ll receive your treatment either on a massage table or a cushioned mat on the ground, (both can be heated for your comfort.)

How long?

Sessions range from 15 minutes–3 hours.
For more information on what we can do in how much time, check the time schedule.

How to book?

Sessions shorter than 60 minutes are only bookable during the festival, pre bookings arranged prior to the showdays have to be 60 minutes and up. 

I work by appointment only and sessions must be pre-paid.

You can book your treatment using the ‘book now’ button on this page.

Only after full payment, your timeslot is reserved.

If your bank is not supported, or you prefer to pay by PayPal or Cash on-site, please contact me directly through WhatsApp. and I'll book you in.
(You'll still need to prepay, by Cash or Paypal a day prior to your treatment, otherwise you'll loose your reservation! 

+31 6 20159002


What to bring?

For sessions on the mat, wear something you can stretch in.

Sessions on the table, bring a towel.

Bring a waterbottle, so you can drink some water during or directly after the treatment.


How to prep?

Come freshly showered and as sober as you can be. Drink plenty of water during the day, don't eat too heavily prior to your session, and make sure you've gotten to the toilet.

Come on Time

I only work by appointment.

The time is specially reserved for you, please just arrive on time, the best is  5 minutes earlier.📲⏰

Please note that arriving late to your session may result in a shorter appointment, so as to not penalize the clients booking after you.



I hold a 24-hour cancellation / reschedule period, which means that until 24 hours ahead you can cancel or reschedule your appointment. ⌛📆

-If there’s simply no way of avoiding a short-notice cancellation, remember that you can send a friend, family member, or anyone you want to gift your massage to, they’ll love you for it!

Times and prices

It's pretty simple, the longer a treatment takes, the more time I'll have to work on your body and make you like brand new. 

Treatment times vary from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
At the Gardens of Babylon festival, all bodyworkers have agreed upon a flat rate of € 25 per 15 minutes.

Sessions shorter than 60 minutes are only bookable during the festival days themselves, (and not bookable through the widget until Friday) to reserve a time slot prior to the festival you can reserve from 60 minutes onwards.


Additional Luxuries🪄

Toss some extra sparkles on top of your treatment!
Organic CDB oil for extra relaxation,  Magnesium for a boost in muscle revitalization, or Cupping.

  • 1 €15 / 2 € 25 / 3 €30
2,5 and 3  hours

Next level
Space Odyssey

🤩🥰🥳✨You want it all, you'll get it all!

The Space Odyssey, a roundtrip to Nirvana!

Two and a half or even three hours of first extended massage and then sound healing, plus Reiki and an add-on from your choice.


  • 150 / 180 minutes
  • €250 / 300,-


Your booking is confirmed only after finishing the online payment. If you wish to pay cash or Paypal instead, ask me to reserve your spot! Reach out through WhatsApp +31 6 2015 9002

*Sessions shorter than 60 minutes are only bookable during the festival days themselves, (and not bookable through the widget until Friday) to reserve a time slot prior to the festival you can reserve from 60 minutes onwards.


Next to massaging at parties, I also have an amazing studio in Ede where I give a wide range of bodywork.

My studio is located in a calm neighborhood, 5 minutes from Trainstation Ede-Wageningen on the doorstep of the Veluwe,(the forest starts at the end of my street)  and in summertime, I can even give treatments outdoors in the forest or heatlands. A perfect day to escape the city and reconnect with yourself and nature. 


I’m also available for corporate massages at your office

Be the office hero and get me over to get your whole team in Zen modus.

- There can even be fiscal benefits for the company.

And I give massage courses.


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    Let go of the tension of yesterday, embrace the calm of today and rediscover the new and improved you of tomorrow.