Elevate Your Event with Exceptional Massages and Workshops

Welcome a extraordinary world of relaxation and well-being to your next events or special occasion!

I am honored to share my extensive experience, spanning since 2015, of providing muscle-melting massages and interactive workshops at a diverse range of international events, parties, festivals, and retreats.

My mission is to elevate your event by offering a unique and unforgettable massage experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Flexible Placement Options

When it comes to providing massages at your event, flexibility is the key. I offer a range of placement options to suit your event's theme, size, and location.

Whether you envision a tranquil massage area or massages integrated into the heart of the event, I can accommodate your requirements. Here are some of the placement options I provide:

VIP Massages

Crew, Artist & Backstage Massages

Backstage massages are a fantastic way to show appreciation for your hardworking crew and performers. Events that involve long hours of standing, dancing, or performing can take a toll on their bodies. Backstage massages can help prevent injuries, reduce fatigue, and improve concentration, ensuring that the performers give their best performance.

Massages for All Your Guests

Targeted Groups

Depending on your event's theme or objectives, you may want to target specific groups for massages. For example, if you're hosting a wellness retreat, you can offer massages as part of the retreat package.

Alternatively, if you're organizing a corporate event, consider providing massages to attendees during networking breaks to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Brand Activation with Massages

If you're hosting a brand activation or looking to leave a lasting impression on your guests, consider offering massages as part of your brand experience. This unique and unexpected perk can create a positive association with your brand. Guests will remember your brand as one that prioritizes their well-being and comfort.

It's an excellent way to generate brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Massage Classes, workshops and ceremonies for Immersive Experiences

I Believe in creating immersive experiences for your event attendees. My massage classes are designed to not only provide relaxation but also foster connections and skill-sharing among your guests. Here are the details of my massage class options:

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  • I had an amazing Sound Healing
    Edward Well
  • Michalis covered more than I expected & hoped from the session. The whole session feels like a ritual. Starts with a necessary, warm communication beforehand and a goes through smells, sounds, pressures, forms, directions, densities and complex stretches in a very greaceful, integrated way.
    Geert Jan van Vlastuin
  • First of all, what I loved is that he took all the time to really speak to me before the massage, get to know where I’m at, and what is it that I feel I need and want and he actually applied that in the session.
    Jess Sophie

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